First World War

The story of a
global conflict

In the voices of 10 historians from around the world









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Western front

The domino effect

How global war unfolded

Digging in

Life inside the trenches

Empires at war

A global battle for territory

Theatres of war

A conflict of many fronts

The death toll

Unprecedented slaughter

Redrawing the map

How Europe changed

1914 map

1920 map

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All told, the first world war claimed more than nine million lives – an average of 6,046 every day. Explore the map to see military loses by country.

Central Powers

Allied Forces

The postwar treaties redrew the map of Europe. The old empires in central Europe, the losers in the war, were replaced by nation states which broadly correspond to those of the present day. Russia, too, racked by revolution and forced to cede huge amounts of territory to the Central Powers in the Treaty of Brest Litovsk in 1918, was in no position to try to regain it. The war produced a redrawing of national boundaries on an unprecedented scale. Click on a circle to explore the changes.